Things You Should Do Before Selling Your Property

After deciding it is time to sell a property, many people often develop the wild rush to get their homes out into the market quickly. Hold on, not so fast! Sometimes it is wise to catch a breath before you delve into this business.

In this article I will show you just how and why you should take a breath before rushing into listing the house.

Ensure these checkboxes of activities are checked before you sell your property;


1.     Research the market & develop a strategy

Before you sell, it is always a wise move to know what you are delving into. You should do basic research on the market with a keen interest on the property in your area.

Ask questions such as; how is your timing on selling? Where do you purpose to move to next? What’s your budget?

Of course you don’t need all the answers instantly, however, developing a clear set of goals makes you have a realistic view of your resources (time and money) as you prepare for the big sale.


2.     Renovate

In case the property needs some serious repairs, you should ensure renovation is properly done before you even attempt to persuade prospective buyers to buy your property. Ensure the property can pass inspections with flying colours. Even the smaller items should be paid attention to- replace fixtures, patch any holes, repair locks on windows or any leaky taps. It doesn’t have to look brand new, just leave no stone unturned.


3.     Polish everything

Everything may be in place before or after renovation, however, you’ll still need a thorough, head to toe polishing of the house to stand a higher chance of enticing a buyer. Go on and wash it, buff it, wax it, and freshen it all up with paint. Put away any unsightly wear and tear. Curb appeal is crucial you must know that by now-reclaim the beautiful shape of the backyard, you never know!


4.     Bid farewell to your home emotionally

After deciding it’s time to sell it, it’s also time to bid farewell to the home and stop seeing it as your home anymore. Develop an eye for the future rather than the past, Having an attachment to the property during selling may let you down. Find a way of channelling your insights for a new owner confidently.


5.     Find a good agent

Good is not enough for a real estate agent, he should be really good at his job if you are ever going to sell. An agent may make all the difference to your listing and eventually to your sale. Find an agent who understands the market you are venturing into. Flattery alone is not enough- the agent should be committed to frank opinions, realistic situation about the market and most importantly your needs.


6.     Dress for success

This literally means presentation- put away the clutter and overly personal items so buyers can start picturing themselves in your property. Improve on lighting as much as possible and remove unpleasant smells from the home.

It’s always important to seek second or third opinion just to ensure you haven’t missed a detail.